Reformer Pilates; the ultimate mindful full-body workout

In a Reformer Pilates class, you will experience a full-body conditioning work out that targets your major mover muscles, whilst emphasizing alignment and core strength to help you develop strength from deep inside. 

The controlled mindful-movements you do on a Reformer Machine will isolate and activate the stabilizing muscles in your core and glutes which help protect you from injury as well as improve mobility and flexibility. 

You can start Reformer Pilates no matter your fitness level, as the intensity of each exercise can be tailored to match how much you want to challenge yourself! The low impact movements and having your body weight supported by the Reformer Machine are perfect for athletes coming back from injury; less weight bearing exercises are gentler on joints and slow controlled movements allow you to move your body within its safe limits. 

Reformer Pilates will test your balance and coordination, as well as push you mentally to keep going through challenging classes! 

There are many different styles of Reformer Pilates; you can choose to join a class that focuses on cardio, strength, flexibility or targeted body part conditioning. 

A key principle of every class is making sure your body is in alignment throughout. Good alignment is an important part of building the strength to do all the things that you love and will help you to avoid injuries and recover quickly. 

The team at Maya Socks have been teachers and students of Lagree Fitness and Reformer Pilates for over a decade, so we know what works on the Reformer Machine and Pilates Mat.

We have created comfortable, supportive and stylish grip socks to get the best out of your workouts. 

Maya Grip Socks give you grip, performance, stability, mobility and confidence on the Reformer. They are also great for Barre, Yoga and Dance classes. 

We want you to feel amazing and we hope you love moving and sweating in your Maya Socks as much as we do!